Connecting Trucks, Jobs, and Efficiency: Tragget's Trucking Transformation
Tragget road for:
Modernized FREE
Effortlessly dispatch jobs from construction sites to truck brokers, companies, and drivers in one seamless process.
Monitor job progress and truck locations in real-time for enhanced visibility and efficient project management.
Instantly generate accurate invoices as dispatches flow through the network, ensuring prompt and accurate payments.
Facilitate clear communication between all parties involved, eliminating misunderstandings and delays.
Grow your network by connecting with a wider range of vendors, ensuring access to a diverse fleet of trucks.
Network of trucks, brokers and trucking
companies connected to each job site
Ticket life cycle
Leave behind the era of paper tickets and welcome the convenience of
online tickets for enhanced efficiency
Tickets are passed between brokers and Trucking companies and each ticket will be pending until it has an assigned driver.
Driver has accepted the ticket and the truck has been assigned to the task. Drivers can accept tickets way ahead of time to plan their schedules, as well as Construction companies, can plan their projects’ resourcing.
Tickets have instructions, exact start times, and locations, when ready, the driver presses start the job and everyone knows what is happening. Changes during the day can be passed to the driver via the ticket.
At end of the all required/changed and maybe extra rounds, when the driver reviews hours and adds the last notes and presses “send for approval”. The status of the ticket changes to Completed.
On the construction side, the Approver can now open the Completed ticket, review the hours and modify them if needed and approve the ticket. The status changes to Approved and every Trucking company can start invoicing and at the construction site, the billing will be available immediately.
Construction sites, projects
With Tragget construction sites can plan dump truck use ahead of time to ensure trucks are there when needed.
Boost Your Project Efficiency
Ensure On-Demand Trucks, Streamlined Communication, Accurate Ticketing, and Future-Ready Capacity
Trucking companies and truck brokers
Simplify Your Operations
Tragget streamlines invoicing, dispatching, communication, and vendor management for efficient trucking and hassle-free operations.
Trucking companies and truck brokers can use the free dispatching feature to grow the network. After the job is done, invoicing is easier and quicker than ever before. Get paid faster.
Drivers can see all jobs from the job scheduler. Tickets themselves are quick to fill and drivers can focus on driving.
Driver-Focused Innovation
Prioritize driving over paperwork with our user-friendly solution, ensuring seamless job scheduling, and prompt payments.
Driver, set yourself ready with Tragget
With Tragget, you can get all the information you need to stay on top of your job. All the important data is right at your fingertips, so you can stay safe and productive. Tragget is your online assistant, helping your to focus on the job. So get ready for a driver's journey that's always prepared.
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