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Tragget: Revolutionizing Dump Truck Operations
A cloud-based solution accessible on both mobile and PC. Bringing efficiency to every touchpoint
Harness the power of the cloud with Tragget's innovative software solution tailored for construction sites, trucking companies, brokers, and drivers.
What is a Cloud Solution?
Imagine a digital storage locker where you can safely keep all your information and tools. This locker isn't in your computer or phone, but somewhere on the internet. So, no matter where you are or which device you're using, as long as you have internet, you can open this locker and access everything inside it. That's the basic idea behind cloud solutions!
Benefits of Using Cloud Solutions
Anywhere Access
Imagine managing your dump truck business effortlessly, no matter where you are. Tragget's cloud-based platform ensures you have real-time access to dispatching, job progress, invoicing, and more, right at your fingertips. No need to stand by the gate of the job site or sit in a truck with the driver – stay connected and in control wherever your work takes you.
Confidential Pricing
Wave goodbye to rate transparency concerns. Tragget ensures pricing security by allowing companies to dispatch tickets with rates to different partners in a confidential manner. With this approach, each entity involved maintains its pricing integrity, enhancing collaboration and protecting competitive advantages.
Safe and Secure
Say goodbye to worries about losing paper tickets. Tragget securely stores your valuable information in the cloud, safeguarded by strong security measures. This allows you to focus on your business without concerns of disruptions or data loss.
Streamlined Communication and Instructions
Tragget's cloud-based platform revolutionizes communication between construction sites and drivers. With Tragget's shift from paper to the cloud, communication becomes seamless—no more chasing paper trails or deciphering illegible handwriting. Instant access to real-time data ensures clear and efficient communication among teams, partners, and clients, promoting a smooth flow of information and collaboration. Construction sites can now provide clear job instructions to drivers directly through the platform, ensuring accurate and up-to-date information, leading to smoother operations and improved job execution.
Effortless Usage
No installations or tech expertise required. Access Tragget from any internet-capable device through your browser – a user-friendly experience that will become your go-to web address.
Easy Sharing
Tired of dealing with pictures lacking context? With Tragget, provide colleagues or partners direct access to precise data and tools in your digital locker. Collaborate effortlessly with accurate information at your fingertips
Tragget advantage
It's like having new tires on your truck every week – our cloud-based platform offers automatic updates, ensuring you're always rolling with the latest and greatest features!
By choosing a cloud solution like Tragget, you're choosing convenience, safety, and efficiency all wrapped into one.
Empowering Growth: The Tragget Network - Connecting Companies for Efficient Construction Operations
Imagine a web of interconnected companies, with each node opening doors to new opportunities. The first company, let's say a construction site, expands its capabilities by partnering with a Vendor. This Vendor, connected to Tragget's network of vendors, in turn, links to more connections. This dynamic ecosystem empowers our construction company with access to a vast fleet of trucks, ensuring timely and efficient job execution.

At the same time, trucking companies thrive as vendors to numerous nodes, securing a continuous flow of work. This growth strategy fosters equilibrium, where projects find trucks and trucks find jobs, cultivating a thriving and harmonious construction landscape.
Welcome to the Tragget Network – where growth knows no limits.
Crafted for Diverse User Groups
Tragget is ingeniously designed with the user in mind, catering to three distinct groups seamlessly
Construction Sites & Projects: Your go-to hub for managing dump truck needs effortlessly. Accessible from your computer, Tragget simplifies dispatching, tracks job progress, and streamlines billing, empowering you to stay in control.
Dump Truck Companies & Brokers: With features optimized for desktop use, Tragget grants you the power to oversee multiple projects, dispatch jobs efficiently, and manage vendor networks with precision.
Drivers: Enjoy a user-friendly mobile experience that keeps you informed on the go. Access tickets, follow instructions, and track your tasks, all from the palm of your hand.
At Tragget, user experience knows no bounds – we tailor our platform to your needs.
Unlocking Unprecedented Value
Experience a Dual Revolution in Cost, Efficiency, and Business Growth
Cost Savings Unleashed
Benefit from an exceptional 50-80% reduction in direct expenses, transforming the way you manage, track, invoice, and reconcile tickets. Our streamlined approach cultivates efficiency and drives your bottom line to new heights.
Time Transformed
Tragget is more than cost savings—it's time liberation. Empower construction sites, dump truck companies, brokers, and drivers with enhanced productivity. By automating processes, minimizing errors, and fostering collaboration, Tragget creates opportunities for growth and unparalleled efficiency.
Accelerate Business Growth
Tragget's efficient truck fleet utilization opens avenues for increased business for trucking companies. As your fleet operates with precision and optimal utilization, opportunities multiply, and profitability soars.
At Tragget, we're not just cutting costs; we're catalyzing operational excellence and propelling your business forward.
Tragget Feature Comparison: Free vs. Paid Subscriptions
Ready for Truck Requests
Streamline the process for construction sites, trucking companies, and brokers to dispatch truck jobs to you.
Accepting the Requests
Choose to accept all or partially based on your available resources.
Assigning Drivers and Dispatch
Effortlessly assign drivers and dispatch to your vendors, whether it's one at a time or in batches.
Features Available to All Users
Simply having an account with Tragget enhances your business. You can upgrade at any time to access even more powerful features.
Automatic Invoicing
Invoices are generated automatically in real-time, ensuring you never miss any tickets on your invoices.
Ticket Progress Tracking
Stay on top of the progress of dispatched tickets in real-time.
Closed Tickets Management
Easily search closed tickets by projects, vendors, or dates and download copies for your records.
Billing Efficiency
Expedite bill generation for vendors immediately.
Additional Features for Paid Subscribers
Tragget's Product Enhancements
In the realm of cloud-based solutions like Tragget, product releases are the key to continuous improvement and innovation. They signify the ongoing commitment to meeting user needs and staying at the forefront of technological advancements. At Tragget, we take pride in our user-driven approach, which is why our feature releases are heavily influenced by valuable customer feedback.
Customer-Centric Innovation
Tragget's feature releases are designed to enhance user experience and address evolving challenges. Each release is a step towards more efficient dispatching, streamlined billing, enhanced driver experiences, and improved construction site coordination.
Listening to You
At Tragget, your insights matter. We actively gather user feedback, suggestions, and pain points to guide our development roadmap. This collaborative approach ensures that every feature release is aligned with the practical needs of construction sites, dump truck companies, brokers, and drivers.
Empowering Change
Our feature releases not only optimize existing processes but also introduce game-changing solutions. We are dedicated to providing you with tools that transform the way you manage your operations, making them more seamless, efficient, and future-ready.