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Streamlining Construction Project Trucking with Tragget: A Modern Solution to Paper-Based Systems
Tragget provides you with the necessary trucks to complete your projects on schedule. The platform allows you to communicate with trucking companies and drivers to optimize job execution. With Tragget, monitoring and billing become streamlined, saving valuable working hours for construction companies.
Countless hours are spent with paper tickets
Managing trucking costs with paper-based systems leads to slow, error-prone processes. It requires significant personnel for dispatching, ticket management, and approvals, resulting in frustration. These systems lack real-time visibility into job statuses and project progress, hindering informed decision-making.
Tragget is the online solution for you
Getting started with Tragget is quick and easy. In just a few clicks, you can set up your account and enter project details, including truck types and rates.

Easy setup for projects, truck vendors and Tragget users. Adjust rates and truck types when dispatching jobs. Invite trusted partners, brokers, and colleagues to join the platform.

Additionally, you can add multiple users and assign roles like ticket approval, dispatching, and billing management.
Easy setup for projects, truck vendors and Tragget users.
Quick dispatch and great planning tool
Create new dispatch
Creating a dispatch with Tragget is quick and straightforward. Choose your project, specify the truck types, quantities, and rates, and set arrival intervals. You can even repeat dispatches for multiple days. For added convenience, drivers can attach a picture of the paper ticket for first-time use. With Tragget, you can complete a week's worth of dispatching in minutes.
Real-time progress tracking on screen
With Tragget, monitor job progress from dispatch to completion. See driver assignments, job status, and track each round's progress in real time. Jobs go 'in progress' when a driver starts and are sent for your approval upon completion.
Realtime truck tracking
Efficient Communication
Tragget not only streamlines job planning and progress tracking but also promotes efficient communication between construction sites and drivers. Construction sites can easily pass job details to drivers, ensuring they have all the necessary information.

In return, drivers can provide real-time updates from each round, allowing for clear and instant communication. This collaborative approach ensures that everyone stays on the same page, leading to smoother operations and improved job execution.
Ticket approval made easy
Review the job quickly and approve.
When a job is completed, the assigned approver receives a notification from Tragget. They can quickly review job details, hours worked, and driver notes. If a paper ticket is required, it's accessible alongside the Tragget ticket. Approvers can make necessary modifications and add notes, ensuring accuracy. Once approved, the ticket is closed and ready for billing.
Ticket approval made easy
Simplified billing
With Tragget, billing is a breeze. Once tickets are approved, the billing process begins. Tragget offers a detailed cost breakdown, including trucking rates, round times, and any ticket modifications. You can effortlessly export data to your accounting software, generate custom reports, or send invoices directly to your clients. Experience streamlined and efficient billing, giving you more time to focus on business growth.
Compare truck types, and vendors and optimize for the next day.
Elevate Your Construction Projects
Tragget empowers construction sites with efficient dump truck solutions that save both time and money. Plan and execute your projects with precision, ensuring success at every turn. It's time to take your construction endeavors to new heights with Tragget.